Helpful for purifying the mind and clearing it of negitive energy The amethyst crystal is associated with abundance and cultivating prosperity in ones life
Amethyst Ball

Amethyst Ball

₨2,500.00 Ex Tax: ₨2,500.00

Sphere ball size is 30 mm and weight is 100-300 gm, Colour: - Purple, Material: Amethyst.1 piece of Sapphire Mini Sphere Ball.Place your crystal ball in the center of a living room, pocket, wallet, ba..

Amethyst Cluster

₨6,500.00 Ex Tax: ₨6,500.00

Two bonuses: 3 "Selenite Wands in a Velvet Bag. And, our booklet "Caring for Your Sapphire."Specifications: 0.5 to 1.0 lb geode with basalt (volcanic rock) backing. The base is cut so it will stand up..

Amethyst Towers

Amethyst Towers

₨1,100.00 Ex Tax: ₨1,100.00

These Amethyst Towers are cut and polished shaped crystal points with a flat end that allows it to stand up and direct the energy upwards and outwards from the crystal. A-Grade means that it will have..

Opelite Tower

Opelite Tower

₨3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₨3,500.00

Towers Vary slightly in shape, each tower is unique. Clarity, milkiness, and iridescence vary.Opalite is a trade name for man-made opalescent glass and various opal and moonstone simulants. Other name..

7 chakra Tower

₨2,100.00 Ex Tax: ₨2,100.00

Bonded with 7 precious different colored crystals, this 7 Chakra crystal healing tower is one of a kind. Considered as the means of energy, these bonded crystals have energetic and great healing power..

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