Neelam stone

  • Neelam stone
06 Oct 2022
Neelam is the one of most powerful stones in Vedic Astrology and has a lot of benefits. Many people wear this stone because they believe gemstones resolve all types of health issues and provide good luck in life. This stone is solely for those who were born in September or are natives of Capricorn and Aquarius. Benefits of wearing Neelam stone Neelam is a powerful stone and gives the fastest result. Wearing Neelam stone opens doors which are closed in your life. It also makes health good with wealth, luck, etc. It protects you from evil eyes and all enemies, jealousy, etc. It helps to remove digestive issues and calms down the mind. It also helps to focus on the goals which you want to achieve in your life and also bring success to the business. It gives fame, name and a frightful reputation. According to Vedic astrology, Neelam should be worn on Saturday. Always remember to only use white metal to mount this gemstone; it can be made with Silver or White Gold. How to wear Neelam stone? There are some rules to wear Neelam stone. First, you can wear this Neelam stone between 5-9 AM and 5-7 PM. You can't wear this Neelam stone with yellow metal. This Neelam stone should be worn only on the middle finger. Men can wear this stone on their right hand whereas women can wear this stone on their right hand. If you don't like to wear it on your fingers, you can wear it as a pendant too. To purify this stone just dip it into raw milk or Ganga Jal.

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